YRUAlive 2018 Schedule.jpg

It all started when…

Bryant Kirk White went on a first date, and instead of asking his name, his favorite color, what he was in school for, or even what his dreams are, she asked him, "why are you alive?" From then on he took that as the best question to not only ask on dates but most importantly - when looking in the mirror during times of doubt, imbalance, or depression.

During the Spring semester of 2014, he traveled to 20 school across the east coast and In 2015 he did the same at about 16 schools. Bryant visited these institutions to present introspective and interactive forum-style events that creatively tackled the issues of and promoted the need for the path towards self-awareness and the similarities of the journey for us all. 

The #YRUAlive? College Tour solidified the need for A.Bevy across college campuses and in the lives of not just Bryant, but young adults across the nation. The "tour" brings him as a public speaker to these campuses to not only promote A.Bevy and push forth our mission, but to be a mirror for students in helping them answer the question - #YRUAlive?