Passion is A.Bevy's leading Pursuit Principle toward living a life of true happiness. One who finds, follows, and is faithful to their passion represents all that A.Bevy stands for. Olander Wilson is one of those people. There are many routes in life that we can take, but though it may be hard to find, uncommon to tradition, or evoke doubt during trying times - a passionate path is the one worth persevering for. Read Olander's Shamira McCray SC Now story below, follow him, and stay tuned for how his passion pushes art, himself, his family, and the culture forward.

Be aware. Be inspired. Be passionate.

"Comedy comes natural for Lake City native Olander Wilson. In school, he was the class clown. He was the funny one of the family. But initially, he didn’t pick acting as a career choice.

'I wanted to play football,' Wilson said. 'And if that didn’t work out, which it didn’t work, I wanted to build computers.'

So he attended the University of South Carolina and majored in computer science. But it wasn’t long before Wilson switched his major to theatre and embarked on an acting career."

- Shamira McCray, Florence News

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