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NOUN - The reason for which something is done or created for which something exists.

| What? |

Mission: To produce creative & introspective experiences that assist young adults in discovering their passion, path, and purpose.

3 Programs | 16 Scholarships

A.Bevy, Inc. a 501(c)3 arts & education organization that produces creative events, media, & opportunities that improve self-awareness through introspection. By addressing the distinct changes that challenge young adults, A.Bevy’s educational experiences improve factors known to help students through high school, college, & life.

By educating students to become more self aware, we are able to help students:

1. maintain a positive social & emotional attitude
2. Make the right choiceS for themselves

| Why? |

Vision: a society of compassionate culture.

Many young adults suffer from self awareness issues including difficulties with self expression and self management. Social anxiety, evaluation apprehension, & shyness can greatly interfere with our ability to establish healthy connections between ourselves and others. A healthy awareness of self along with the abilities to regulate our behavior and effectively express ourselves are critical to creating a life of good quality, vitality, & fulfillment.

By introspectively becoming aware of one's self, we are able to consciously grow toward the level where compassion for others becomes the key to a life of happiness for us all.

| How? |


To help develop compassion, we need to have a better understanding of ourselves.

The Three Pillars | Change • Progression • Growth
The Pursuit Principles | Passion • Path • Purpose

A.Bevy, Inc. specializes in focusing our productions on a formula that purveys a mindset based on our Three Pillars. Each A.Bevy program then provides opportunities for one to pursue and discover their true passion, path, and purpose. The Three Pillars allow us to uplift a mindset through our productions that look at life's changes [the challenge], how one could progress forward [the process], and in turn learn and experience growth [the result] through these experiences.

With this mindset comes self-awareness and understanding of what you are and what you are capable of. In understanding what you can do [passion] and living a life that allows you to create through this ability [path] - we lead a life of fulfillment, happiness, and success through compassion [purpose].

Compassion - caring for the happiness of others, not only helps those outside of ourselves, but assists in removing insecurities and fears that lie within. Respecting the beauty of change, introspectively learning who we are, and being compassionate gives us strength to cope with any obstacle that we may encounter. In that, compassion is the ultimate source of success, happiness, and purpose in life.