#TheRaceProject: Growing Up Different

The focus of A.Bevy Media is to produce and highlight creative media that raises the creative + introspective standard. Creative relating directly to the arts, passion, and the talents that we all have - and introspective correlating with the use of such talents to achieve a higher level of self-awareness . We thank Mindlezz Thoughtz for embodying this vision.

"So, what are you?" - Origin Unknown

MindlezzThoughtz Media and Arts, "The People's Creative Company", was founded in 2011 by Najee Brown and Daniel Smith and has since been dedicated to bridging the gap between mainstream and underground media by helping youth and young adults reach their creative goals and creating the most relevant, entertaining, uplifting, and engaging content.

The Race Project takes the perspectives of eight Ohio University students and tackles topics such as personal stories, Donald Trump, and social media in order to show how race still affects people in 2016. Hosted by Jolana Ozara, follow @MindlezzThoughtz and stay tuned as #TheRaceProject unfolds.

"It's 2016 and race still affects millions of Americans. I believe that as a person of color and an artist, it is my job to make content that reflects the times. After 4 months of productions, the response of many young Americans of color is here.
I'm proud to announce #TheRaceProject, a web series about race from the perspective of
students of color at Ohio University."

- Jordan Naheesi

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