Impress Your Self 2012's "Lost" Album
Courtesy of "Photos By Cameron"

In 2012, A.Bevy founder Bryant Kirk White wanted to create a "party" that opposed the normal collegiate standard, but with the same excitement, fun, and opportunity to make memories.  The aim was to produce an event that was not dark, smokey, crowded, and hot, but one where the conversation was louder than the music, the h'orderves left taste buds smiling, art and artists were uplifted, and attendees had the perfect opportunity to express - and IMPRESS - their true selves.

The Impress Your Self 2012 Scholarship Mixer was thus created.  With approximately 200 guests, this inaugural event will forever be a shining light in A.Bevy history.  Courtesy of our partner business an sponsor,
Arthur Cameron Photography - formerly known as "Photos By Cameron" -
check out IYS 2012's "lost" album below.

What authentic impression will you leave?

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