April 23, 2016 | 1208 Washington Place | Columbia, SC | 9pm-2am

Interview by Tiana McGee of A.Bevy at Winthrop University

Trevor Prioleau is finance and science major from Stephen, South Carolina. He attends the University of South Carolina, Columbia and dreams of becoming a financial analyst. Prioleau believes his vision is his most impressive trait. Though vision cannot be seen physically, it’s visible in the service of others. Vision opens doors for creativity and individuality. If harvested correctly, it will produce avenues for change, progression and growth.

What do you believe is the most "impressive" and memorable trait, talent, or value that you possess and why?

"Vision would have to be my most impressive and memorable trait. Even though vision may be intangible, having one is what creates tangible products that others are able to utilize. Your vision opens doors for creativity and individuality. It taps in to your mind and, if harvested correctly, produces avenues for change, growth, and progression."

Why do you think it is important for young adults to be "authentic" and true to themselves in today's society?

"The word “society” represents conformity all on its own. Society gives an identity to those who may not even know how to identify themselves. It is imperative that young adults exercise authentic character because it allows barriers to be broken. Being authentic is the heart of truly tapping into what you love to do best: exploring talents, experiencing failures, and executing purpose."

If you could impress upon, give, or leave anything to this world, what would it be?

"A new beginning! Many people that I have encountered sometimes wish they had fresh starts. I would want to be the person that allows them to start fresh – from scratch – in hopes that they will take advantage of their white canvas and paint a picture worth revealing to others."

What authentic impression will you leave?

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