April 22, 2017 | Carolina Haven | Columbia, SC | 9pm-2am

Jaquanas Grant hails from the small town of Hampton, SC and is currently a Senior Industrial Engineering major at Clemson University. He has always believed in reaching as many people as possible so he has always been heavily involved on campus and in the community. Jaquanas has served as a Clemson University Tour Guide, a Resident Assistant, and Chapter President of the Pi Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated while in college. Mr. Grant considers himself a very outgoing person who loves anything that deals with sports and the outdoors. He has recently found his passion in photography – “not only for the moments I get to capture, but also for the relationships I build along the way.”

Name one well known individual that exemplifies versatility and how?

One of my biggest inspirations today is Kevin Hart. His work ethic is unmatched, and he has set the bar extremely high when it comes to grabbing everything that life has to offer. From his original platform of stand up comedy, to his acting range, philanthropy, health and fitness avocation, and so many other things, he has created new meaning to word mogul. He is the tangible representation of hard work and dedication, and he continues to blaze an uncharted trail of limitlessness. His life teaches us to never let anyone put you in a box, and if they do, you have the power to break out. 

How do you use your passion to illuminate change in the world?

I use my passion to illuminate change in the world simply by living my truth. Often times in this world, we are reminded of the things that limit us. We allow these things to provide a cloud over our life when in reality battling and overcoming those very same things are what allows us to provide sunshine to others. Your life should be a testament as to why your limitations don't matter. Coming from one of the worst school districts in the state by way of the "Corridor of Shame", being a first generation college student battling through a rigorous engineering curriculum at a Top 20 public university, and losing the only support system I've ever known along the way in my Mom, I've learned that the only way to make it to your true destination is to go straight through every season of your life full steam ahead.

If you could leave one lasting Impression on others what would it be and why?

If I could leave a lasting impression on others it would be in a way that allows each and every person to tap into their full potential. It is my hope that no one ever has to fear being themselves or going after the things they want out of life. My most gratifying moment in my photography career thus far comes from a direct client quote. At the end of our session she stated, "You don't know how much you helped me out. Being a young woman today has gotten quite difficult for me, especially with these new standards of beauty. I've becoming lost in this false sense of what beauty really is, and I began to constantly criticize myself because I didn't look like something that came off of a surgery table. You helped me realize how beautiful God is making the women in the mirror, and I can't thank you enough for that." That very moment was confirmation that I am exactly where God would have me. It is my hope to make every single person I come into contact with better having interacted with me. 


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