April 22, 2017 | Carolina Haven | Columbia, SC | 9pm-2am

London Knight is a graduating senior biology major from Columbia, SC and currently serves as the 2016-2017 Miss South Carolina State University. She is an exceptional academic student who is a member of both the South Carolina State University Honors College and Golden Key International Honour Society. When not in the classroom London also participates in various community organizations and capacities. After being diagnosed with Lupus in November 2014, London sought to volunteer with her local support group, Lupus Foundation of America South Carolina Community Partner in Columbia, SC. Since then she has helped organize walks, held awareness forums, and most recently was trained to become a support group facilitator. Upon graduation, London has plans to study pediatric chiropractic medicine while also obtaining her degrees in nutrition and Spanish. After obtaining her Doctor of Chiropractic degree she will receive training to become a midwife and soon after open her own birth center.

Name one well known individual that exemplifies versatility and how?

Oprah Winfrey is a wonderful example of a versatile individual. From humble beginnings and insurmountable odds, Oprah has achieved success as a talk show host, actress, media mogul, producer, and philanthropist. Oprah has succeed in so many ventures by channeling her many talents and has diverged her own path in life. 

How do you use your passion to illuminate change in the world?

I have a genuine love and appreciation for humanity and diversity. My passion is helping people become better versions of themselves. I do so by ministering to people, sharing my testimony, and inspiring others by leading by example. I have used my platforms to not only uplift but also to serve as stepping stones for others to achieve success. I am a firm believer that working together and supporting people is the best way to dissipate the negativity that exists in our world.

If you could leave one lasting Impression on others what would it be and why?

I would leave the impression that the only way to achieve greatness is to live a life of service. Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted saying, "Everybody can be great because anybody can serve...You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love." I can honestly say that the reason God has blessed me so abundantly is because I have dedicated my life to being of service to His people. I want them to have the same fullness in their hearts when they realize that their service makes a positive change in the world. 


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