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Discover your passion, path, & purpose at a.Summit 2019

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Our annual IYS Guests of Impression honoree class highlights a unique group of passionate collegiate students who illuminate all that A.Bevy stands for. In being selected for this honor, we place a spotlight on these young adults, their efforts, their mindset, & the bevy of gifts and offerings they share with the world.

A Guest of Impression is someone who is self aware - confident, focused, expressive, and dedicated to the things they believe in. This is the perfect impression.

Do you know someone whose self-awareness shines so bright that it inspires others?
Do you know someone whose passion deserves to be showcased to the world?
Do you know someone who should be one of our IYS8 Guests of Impression?

Deadline | May 20, 2019

Past Guests of Impression Classes

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The narrator, voice, and compass to your pursuit, truth, and fulfillment - your True North will play an important role in your A.Bevy Pursuit Summit experience.
We suggest that you get to know her.

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