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JULY 13, 2019

924 S. MAIN ST.


Discover your passion, path, & purpose at a.Summit 2019

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THE A.BEVY PURSUIT SUMMIT is where art & education collide in YOUR pursuit of SELF AWARENESS.

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Introspectively THERAPEUTIC, A.Summit is a safe place for young adult creativeS, entrepreneurs, educators, young professionals, and passionists of all facades to illuminate their dreams, confront their fears, and embrace their truth in discovery of their own unique passion, path, and purpose.

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With our 8th Annual Impress Your Self Scholarship Mixer serving as the official afterparty, July 13th will be a day filled with excitement, self awareness, & new doors that lead to a better you.

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The narrator, voice, and compass to your pursuit, truth, and fulfillment - your True North will play an important role in your A.Bevy Pursuit Summit experience.
We suggest that you get to know her.

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