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The EXHALE Dream Endowment was created in March 2017 during a meeting between Surena Mitchell and Bryant Kirk White. This meeting led to reflection from Surena’s post graduate life in which she has “inhaled” so much that she decided not to let it put her down nor set her back any longer. Surena and her mother, Marlene share a similar story which led to the creation of EXHALE Hookah Company. These changes in their lives pushed them to utilize their stories in order to inspire others to pursue their dreams and realize their potential no matter what America tells you to be.

The EXHALE Hookah Company awards this yearly endowment to those who have dreams and have decided to pursue their purpose in life instead of focusing on the troubles and roadblocks they have inhaled. 

We want to help those accomplish their goals in the same capacity that we have and plan to continue doing. A dream is stated as series of thoughts and images that occur in a person's mind during sleep or during a moment of reflection. The EXHALE Hookah Company wants to turn dreamers into pursuers and give them the assistance that they need.

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