As You Are is Love without terms and conditions. It's the idea that you and I are worthy of love regardless of our current physical, spiritual, or emotional state. This is not a new or unique idea at all, but it's certainly an idea that needs revisiting.  It is within us to love everyone unconditionally but over time we've convinced ourselves that love is something that only some of us deserve.  We've convinced ourselves that our love is only for "us" and we can't give any of it to "them". We've convinced ourselves that love is something that needs to be earned. We've convinced ourselves that we only have a little bit of love to give so we have to be very selective about where we place it. This couldn't be further from the truth. Love is infinite and love is limitless. Love is patient and love is kind. Love is compassionate and love is understanding. Love does not ask because love is not lacking. Love requires nothing.

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The goal of As You Are is to spread love and relieve suffering by providing reminders that we are love and that love is always a choice that can be made instead of fear. We hope that these button earrings will remind you that you are always worthy of love just As You Are. Each order of earrings comes with a free 2nd pair of your choice to give to someone you love so order yours now and spread love today!

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