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"When the mind and body are under constant attack from environmental stress, the brain has difficulty producing dopamine, a neurotransmitter essential to feeling pleasure. The brain compensates for this by releasing the chemical most associated with stress, cortisol. The same chemical that fuels our Flight or Fight Response. Thus, creating a cycle of constant alert and self-defense. As a result, our body not only misinterprets input, but miscalculates interpretation. It begins to confuse fear for excitement, love for lust."


Co-Executive Producers: Imari Anderson + Mona May
Score: Aylan Mello
Music Supervision: Mona May
Visual Effects: Max Ridgeway
Edited By: Imari Anderson
Credit Music: WhereIsAlex -

Directed by: Imari + Mona May
DP: Caroline Harrison
Assistant Director: Mike Becker
Gaffer: Ryan Nelson
Grip: Cain Czopek Xavier Gomez
PA: Ish Hasan Kah Liel Dylan Jones
Cast: Gabriel Christian Daniel Madsen


We're proud to feature SurvivngChild and their new short film , Trigger as a part of today's Open House. Click below to visit their official website and see what other progressive and introspective work they have done, are doing ,and will do...

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