The Vicious Committee (#VCX) is more of a mindset than anything else. Willing to progress towards a goal with immense determination; Savage. Able to learn from past experiences, to better future decisions.

Those who attain this mindset utilize The Vicious Committee to surround themselves with other individuals of high ambition.

Hip-Hop continues to evolve as new artist, TBRVRE, brings fresh energy to the scene; adding a soulful & musical touch to the genre as never heard before. With this project, TBRVRE combines elements of electronic sound with the vibrations of live instrumentation to create an instant classic.

Via Tidal & Spotify, stream the founder of The Vicious Committee's newest project below and click the purchase button via iTunes to support passion's true path to purpose.

We're proud to feature TBRVRE & The Vicious Committee as a part of today's Open House. Click the link below to explore more of TBRVRE's passion.

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