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Jeremiah Drummond is a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina. He is an alumni of Dorman High School where he served as Student Body President. He is a rising senior at North Greenville University majoring in Broadcast Media.

Jeremiah strongly believes in entrepreneurship and community. He currently sits as CEO of Jeremiah’s Photography, a digital media company that specializes in photography and videography. Furthermore, to give back to his community he created the non-profit “PAFT” that provides families at the soup kitchen free family portraits. To continue, Jeremiah has since created a talk show, In The Middle, where he hosts alongside three community leaders to inform the next generation of ways to make it out of impoverished communities.

Jeremiahs overall goal is to spread love and denounce anything that stands in between.

What are you passionate about and at what point/incident in your life did you recognize this passion is the key to your true path?

"My overall passion is spreading love. However, I use different vessels to express just that. For example photography, videography, and activism."

How do you use your passion to illuminate change in the world?

"One of ways I use my passion to give back is by speaking up against injustices through art. At age 16 I started a movement called #freedombreakstheinternet. The movement was created to bridge the gaps between different communities with love and positivity."


If you could leave one lasting impression on others what would it be and why?

"If I could leave a lasting impression on someone, I would hope that it is a smile. For a smile is the key to heart, and so is love."