"Tell me, I'll forget; Show me, I'll forget: Involve me, I'll understand." -Confucius

The Ryan C. Harrison Scholarship was established by Harding University High School Chorale Director, Ryan C. Harrison in respect to the necessity, urgency, and power of the arts and is an annual scholarship given to a Harding University High School graduating senior planning to attend a four-year university with this distinct purpose:

There are a few reasons for wanting to start this scholarship. One reason is give students who have put forth great effort to improve their musical ability a monetary award to continue their education. Other scholarships that are normally created for students with an interest in music are not school specific and are very difficult to receive because of the number of students applying. Having this scholarship available for the students of Harding's music program will not only help them with continuing their education, but also shows younger students who have not completed their matriculation that hard work in the arts does pay off. Lastly, it is my duty as a music educator to nurture the talents of my students and push them to continue to increase their knowledge after they have left the halls of Harding. College is not free and anything that I can do to help them succeed will be done.

Ryan Harrison, Bachelor of Music in Music Education (NSU) | Harding University High School, Choral Director

If you have any questions, please contact us at scholarship@abevy.org.