Fayetteville State University Graduate Carvent Webb II started his career in education working as a Teaching Fellow in Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Charlotte, NC. Committed to always looking for opportunities to give back, Carvent always sought opportunities that challenged him personally, and pushed him to raise the bar of expectation.

While working as a Teaching Fellow Carvent had the opportunity to work as an Assistant Football Coach with the Q-Foundation. A second chance school for at-risk teens, this provided the platform that instilled the leadership, and perseverance to not only face tough obstacles, but learn to not be defined by the situations you face in life. After teaching Carvent would go on to work as an Congressional Analyst with the U.S. Small Business Administration during the housing and market crisis where he focused on helping ensure congressional legislation that impacted small business was tangible towards helping small businesses not only sustain, but grow.

After his time at the Small Business Administration, Carvent would spend the next 3.5 years working overseas throughout the Middle East supporting U.S. Army Sustainment Command. During his time there Carvent had the opportunity to write a book titled “A Guide to the Simple Life”. This milestone would later lay the foundation for what would become The Open Book Foundation. A non-profit organization founded my Carvent and his business partner Ryan Howell which focuses on providing literacy resources to Title I (low-income) elementary schools. To date their organization has purchased and donated over 50,000 books since there launch in 2012.

Recently, Carvent was accepted into Harvard Universities Emerging Leaders Program. This two-week intensive leadership development program focuses on bringing leaders from around the world together to discuss social, economic, political, geographic development changes that effect their respective countries and organizations. Also, this provides the opportunity for individuals to develop global strategic initiatives designed to strengthen their workface. Carvent looks to bring The Open Book Foundation on the global spectrum focusing on increasing literacy awareness and proficiency around the world. His philosophy on life is simple.

“Failure can never truly be embraced if you are making a concise effort to continuously improve and whatever areas you can. Embrace the hardships that come along with life, but know that:

1. You are not bound by your mistakes
2. Except the fact that you can do anything in this world, but you can’t do everything.”

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"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages…"

William Shakespeare's  As You Like It, Act II Scene VII Opening Monologue | Jaques


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