"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages…"

William Shakespeare's  As You Like It, Act II Scene VII Opening Monologue | Jaques


"The Stage" is the direct metaphorical representation of the world being our stage and our lives as our time spent in the spotlight. A.Bevy, Inc. stands highly on purposive living and daily actions of lucid, intentional, and selfless acts. In that, we challenge all individuals to value their time on "The Stage", utilize your career, talents, gifts, & share & collaborate yours with others in order to leave "The Stage" having given all that you could in order to secure a better future for those that come after.

The Stage Fundraising Gala is where young professionals on a passionate path to purpose come together and shine their light in strides for a brighter future for our youth.


The Stage Fundraising Gala is a night of celebration, indulgence, networking, and growth. The Stage Gala is a unique experience that brings together a wide scope of professionals whose success is based, over anything - on their passion for what they do and the compassionate seeds they plant during. 

Utilizing the arts, inviting new connections, highlighting special guests from various professional fields, and promoting the selfless acts of the individual in order to provide positivity & unity in advancing the community, culture, and world - The Stage is a night for the true progressive.

With the peak of the night focusing on funds raised to enhance and increase A.Bevy's high school and collegiate scholarship offerings alongside annual third-party philanthropic ventures, The Stage is where elegantly exclusive enjoyment meets purpose.

This year's Stage Gala will also serve as the official kickoff for the A.Bevy Stage Association. A.Bevy Stage Association is the pinnacle of A.Bevy's three pursuit programs. The program brings together professionals who illuminate the existence, necessity, and fulfillment that comes from working and living on a passionate path of purpose.

Full details and benefits of ASA will be fully disclosed at the Stage Gala.

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Past Sponsors, Highlights, & Vendors:

A.Bevy Stage Association Inquiries | stage@abevy.org