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The Visdom Resor Endowment was established in February 2015. The endowment was created from the crux of a conversation during a meeting with a young lady named Saige Allison. This meeting humbly and passionately brought Saige to inquire upon investors for a mission trip and experience that she would be embarking on within this fall. She asked multiple sources to help cover the full funding that the opportunity required. Her passion, faith, and continued support for A.Bevy brought us to the idea of fulfilling her request through the creation of the Visdom Resor Endowment and the presentation of it to Ms. Allison as our first recipient in 2015.

The Visdom Resor Endowment is currently a $500 award to a collegiate student who is embarking upon a location "change" through studying abroad, an internships, mission trip, a an opportunity of any kind that will place them in an atmosphere that is not of familiarity. The name "visdom resor" is Swedish for "wisdom trip" paying recognition to the location "change" that also evoked Bryant Kirk White to create A.Bevy while studying abroad in Jonkoping, Sweden.

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