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... making December a month that is known for hearts based in selflessness instead of hearts based on holidays

The Toy Story Toy Drive was started by Timothy Webb in 2013.  Timothy came home to Columbia, SC where he grew up and obtained his undergraduate degree at The University of South Carolina - with motivation to give back more than he receives.  In partnering with A.Bevy and The Hookah Spot, the Toy Story Toy Drive stands for supporting families during their hard times, supporting small businesses, and knowing the power behind your self-worth and ability.

The 4th annual annual Toy Story Christmas Toy Drive pushes the same motives even further.  Pushed by Fab 5 with additional partnership from The Hookah Spot and Race 4 Achievement, this year's event will be even larger and will create unstoppable ripples of happiness, joy, care, and love.

Contact Fab 5 at to suggest families and children who will benefit the most from this event's objective and to also make monetary donations.

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