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... making December a month that is known for hearts based in selflessness instead of hearts based on holidays

This season's 864 Code To Giving opportunity has allowed A.Bevy to partner with a South Carolina social work agency to provide a day worth of activities, shopping, and relief to a unique family whose circumstances give them the need for a worthy reminder of what this season is TRULY about.

We are aiming to raise $500 so that on December 21, 2016, 2 A.Bevy Team members and 2 A.Bevy Collegiate Group members will be able to take the family out to eat, to the movies, to Goodwill, and to also surprise them with a monetary gift at the close of the day. READ the family's story below (last name undisclosed), DONATE, and help us create the perfect HoliDAY for a family in need.

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There really are cracks in the floor - some of us walk straight over them, some of us go around them and some of us fall right through those same cracks that many have avoided by intention or by the grace of God...

Daniel is a 38 year old man who describes himself as "outgoing, educated and a go-getter". He married his sweetheart 8 years ago, Pearl who is 35, and they have two daughters, Acadia & Shameica, ages 3 & 4. Daniel has always worked and took extreme pride in being able to be self-sufficient and in providing for his family. He felt then as well as now that it is the man's responsibility to take care of his family - he didn't have that as a child but felt it was his absolute role to do so for his wife and daughters. 

As a teen, Daniel was hit by a car and sustained a serious leg injury, but because he didn't have insurance then and hadn't been able to afford it since, he didn't have the surgery and treatment he needed. Fast forward to April, 2016 - the pain and discomfort became unbearable and the only thing that would correct it was to have his right leg amputated below the knee. Still with no insurance, Daniel did not immediately receive full after care and therapy and needless to say, he could not return to work.  Household and personal expenses depleted all of their savings. Though Pearl worked part-time, there was no way to keep up with all of the bills. They lost their home in July - went from relative to relative and to different shelters (which by the way are limited for families) and eventually to a D-grade motel where the four of them have been staying since late August - the whole family plus roaches in a dank, dark cigarette and liquor smelling aged place for the homeless and vagrants. Pearl's part time job pays the weekly motel fees but there is nothing extra for the est of their needs - they have even sold their vehicle for salvage since they couldn't afford to pay for the major repairs. They use SNAP benefits for food though they are unable to fix a real meal in a motel room. Daniel has applied for disability, was denied and he's awaiting a decision on his appeal - the government doesn't give you any money in the meantime.

Both Daniel & Pearl have been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety disorders. Daniel is in constant pain and since his Medicaid coverage finally started, he goes to therapy and doctor's appointments several times a week. "But the pain meds don't help my shame and don't do nothing for my wife and two girls ..." he said. The pride he always felt in providing for his family is swallowed constantly by his physical pain and depression. Pearl is pretty quiet but she's quite industrious as she finds small ways to get money for their needs - but she is extremely overwhelmed. At first, she described herself as being a fearless overcomer - but she just can't handle all of this.  The girls are just being little kids - playing, eating and sleeping - but there is a strain that shows and questions about why they're staying where they are come daily.

Imagine two large and two tiny hands reaching up from the crack in the floor ... Don't step on or over them - help them out ... That - indeed - is what TRUE giving is all about.

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