"Truth is a point of view, but authenticity can't be faked." - Peter Guber

The Impress Your Self Scholarship Mixer is our annual premiere collegiate event in South Carolina where students come together, mix, party, and most of all - IMPRESS.

An event where the conversation is louder than the music, this year's Impress Your Self Scholarship Mixer marked the 5th year of the event. With a new time range of 9pm-2am, the semi-formal event allowed 400+ college students to come out and enjoy an experience that redefines how young adults "party".

Authenticity. Food. Bar. Music. Art. Live Presentations. Party. Vendors. Impressions. Scholarship

With scholarship being the crux of the event's focus, the presentations of this year's 8 scholarships and 2 awards was at the peak of the night. With an array of activities, presentations, and surprises prior, following the announcements of recipients - students were ready to party, celebrate another successful school year, and release their inhibitions in the most self-aware, confident, and selfless way possible.

What authentic impression will you leave?

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