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The Program Director (PD) oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of an ongoing program including planning, organizing, additional staffing, leading, and controlling program activities. Program Director positions are the most important within the A.Bevy, Inc. team and require individuals with creativity, punctuality, passion, and connection the the organization's mission and program focus. PDs stand as the face for their programs and hold a responsibility that carries A.Bevy, Inc.'s growth as well as the effect of our mission in the community. Program Director positions are opening for the following six (6) programs:

A.Bevy Collegiate Group|  A.Bevy Events|  A.Bevy Juniors|  A.Bevy Media|  Fashion Defined|  The Stage

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When applying for a program director position, please include your program of interest for specific information, duties, and requirements.

All A.Bevy, Inc. team positions are remote positions with an age requirement of 18+ (unless noted otherwise). Please email to continue your hiring process.